Friday, October 31, 2008

Check out the Wounded Warrior Soldier's Ride

A lot of my friends and neighbors are surprised when they find out that I am a former soldier. I served seven years on active duty in the US Army. I am a very good shot with the M-16 and I used to be pretty accurate with a hand grenade, too.  I was lucky-- while I served I  thankfully never had to go into battle. 

I grew up around military bases- my dad served 22 years on active duty in the Army before he retired. I went to a military elementary school, too. I was a Major in the 7th grade. Instead of regular recess we had marching drill practice a few times a week. That's a different way to grow up.

And, I am very nonviolent, a strong advocate for peace and social justice. I disagree with how the US decided to handle Iraq.  I don't like most of the military choices our government has made since WW-II. I don't like the way people get rich off of war. I don't like killing for profit. 

But, I am very pro-soldier. Soldiers are like firemen- they do their job, the job we the people tell them to do. They're just people, just like you and me.  

They are heros. Some of them die and others are severely wounded. 

Some Wounded Warriors are riding bikes through our fair city next Friday- join them if you can. Check out their website.... the pictures make me cry.

There is more about the local ride at my other blog,

Hope to see you there!




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